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In a field on the outskirts of Cranborne village, there is a hill, and it has a door….

One of Dorset’s best kept secrets, the Earthouse is a 250-seat theatre – lit by lamplight and fire-light. Here audiences sit on wooden benches, under an earth roof, held up by 21 huge oak tree trunks… they come to listen to stories. The Ancient Technology Centre works with the Crick Crack Club to bring some of the finest contemporary performance storytellers to this fabulous off-beat venue – turning it into a cinema of the imagination.

 ‘I was spellbound – I don’t use the word lightly’ THE TIMES

At home during lockdown#1, we asked eight storytellers to film themselves telling the same fairytale – the Grimms version of the Juniper Tree. No scripts. No direction. Jen Percy Edwards of Corvus Pictures then edited them into this piece of magic. The result is hard core tough fairytale – full of death and ressurection. Watch it when you’re feeling strong…



    • Wrap up warm, bring a cushion & wear sensible shoes! A torch might also come in handy!
    • There is no bar on site, and we don’t (usually) have a license to sell you alcohol but you can bring your own and well supply hot spiced apple juice.
    • We open the site at 6pm. If it’s sunny, please feel free to bring a picnic to eat in the grounds of the Earthouse (just don’t munch food while the show is on).
    • Wheelchair access is weather dependent – please call the ATC on 01725 517 618 for advice. If you use a wheelchair please inform us when you buy a ticket so we can accommodate you in the venue safely.
    • Shows are unsuitable for under 12s (unless otherwise stated).
    • Under 16s must be accompanied by an adult, and may not be left to roam outside the venue while the show is on.
    • We sometimes have (official) photographers discreetly taking pictures at these events if you don’t want to be in these pictures, then please let a member of staff know.
    • The ATC is a no smoking site.
    • No dogs are allowed on site we have some ancient breeds of sheep who live here, and they wouldn’t appreciate the company!
    • The Ancient Technology Centre is located behind Cranborne Middle School. Turn off Damerham Road into Cranborne Middle School. Parking is in the school car-park. Walk up the road from the car-park to the Ancient Technology Centre, and follow the lane and then the twinkly lights and the candle lanterns (and all the other people!) to the doors of the Earthouse.


  • General ticket queries & waiting lists: The Crick Crack Club 07791 157 437 or
  • Queries about tickets already booked on-line: